Easter Agenda: The Man Who Knew Too Much

The Easter holiday is pretty long. To be specific, it’s exactly over a month long. That’s right, exactly. And gone are the days when you could justify not studying very frequently during a holiday. Personally, I don’t want to be embarrassed by the Medieval Literature exam. Here’s a list of the things I won’t rest easy until I’ve done: finish reading Le Morte D’Arthur Volume II, The Madwoman in the Attic, and Jonathan Swift’s complete works; read a severe amount of secondary criticism; write my second Critical Theory essay; raise my Italian level exponentially. Might as well set some targets.

This really is the endgame now, as exams approach and, just behind that, my Erasmus year in Turin looms like some kind of Italian Godzilla. Even Film Society is over for the most part, with a hypothetical event after the exam period. Which means I’m about to be made redundant from my post as Public Affairs Officer. Thankfully the staff for the upcoming year are a noble, dedicated bunch. Which is lucky for them, because if I were to come back from Turin for my fourth year and find the society embroiled in some kind of civil war or reduced to a smouldering heap of cheaply-rented DVDs then the sky would turn black with my rage. Just like an Italian Godzilla.

Like this, but eating olives.

“Nice weather out” is what I’d have said if I’d have posted this yesterday. Today, not so much. Happy Easter in advance!

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Richard graduated in the Summer of 2014. Richard was writing about the final year of his English degree, having just returned from an Erasmus year in Turin.

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