Walks in the Cemetery: Paths of Glory

The Easter holiday has dried up most university-based stories, so now I’ll look back a couple of months and post my photographs of when Leicester had a brief — but meaningful — encounter with snow. All around the country there were crises caused by the blizzards, but in all honesty Leicester suffered very little. The snow came swiftly and built up an impressive depth, then promptly all-but-disappeared in a few days.

The snow in such a place as this disappears slowest, needless to say.

The Welford Road Cemetery is a graveyard of historic interest, and I find it’s a very pleasant route to take on the walk to university. Better than walking along the main road. Saves you precious seconds when walking to the science end of the campus as well. Under the bright snow, it looks especially impressive.

The cemetery is adjacent to the university, and overlooks the city like a balcony.

Although the place isn’t particularly old in the grand scheme of things (it opened in 1849), some of the gravestones are quite ancient and enigmatic.

This one, for instance.

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