Time Management: A colourful solution

Third year is proving to be incredibly busy. I suppose I should have expected it but it has still taken me by surprise. However, I’ve got a pretty nifty system going on which is helping me no end.

Planning my week makes me feel much more in control and much less panicky. This is how I do it…

1.   Buy stacks and stacks of different coloured post-it notes.

2.   Use one colour to label the days of the week in a row on a wall. (Mine is above my desk so I feel           guilty if I’m dossing around on facebook.)

3.   The other coloured post-its will correspond to a different module or subject.

  • Blue = Contemporary Women’s Writing
  • Pink = Romantics and Victorians
  • Yellow = Dissertation
  • Green = Other non-academic things I need to do

4.    First write each of the things you timetabled to do on its correct coloured post-it note and stick            them under the right days.

5.   Now all you need to do is work out what other things need to be done in your week and fit them           into the grid. It’s great because if your plans change or one task takes longer than you expected           then you can easily rearrange the post-its.

Hey presto! Your life is now totally under control.

I promise I do work on Sundays too! My camera just couldn't fit in all my busy schedule.

The zoomed in version...

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