2 responses to “Christmas Lights in Leicester City Centre”

  1. Rebecca

    First things first; I was expecting something impressive, and I wasn’t disappointed. Your colourful ideas, the mix of sentiment and humour and imagery; everything flows together in such a way that your audience can relate to your feelings and catch a good glimpse of what you saw, even without the photos- which are a lovely selection, by the way. You made me even more proud of studying at a university that not only is situated in such a rich culture as Leicester, but that boasts such minds as your own. Thank you for sharing this.
    PS. However, I must stand up for “O Holy Night”; yes, it always hurts to hear a self-involved singer trying their luck with it, but as a piece of music it stands in its own right, in my opinion anyway. A suggestion for you to check out: Doris Day’s “Winter Wonderland”.

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