Feeling stressed? I’ve got a cure for that!

Oh, that’s one handsome plate of brain-food!

Good Morning Leicester students! I hope you’ve had your breakfast fuel this morning – we’ve got a long day of lectures ahead… And, here’s a few tips to keep you going strong!

As an English student, it’s easy to get bogged down in an endless supply of articles, books and journals. With each turn of the page, words evolve into blurry squiggles and letters mix to form their own endings, until you’re so tired that the words get up and start to walk off by themselves. At this stage, you might be tempted to reach for sugary or greasy foods to keep you motivated. But, these will only send your blood sugar levels sky high – leading to a huge drop in concentration pretty soon after.

Eat the sun. The sun’s energy fuels almost everything on this earth, so, with every delightful piece of natural food that touches your lips, you absorb the energy from the sun. Filling your lunch boxes with complex carbs like quinoa, lean proteins like chicken and healthy fats like avocados, will give you all the fuel your body and mind needs to keep studying and to keep those pesky tummy rumbles under the desk.

Preparation. Preparing for exams is a given at this stage of education, but what about food prep? It can save time and make sure you’re getting all the necessary brain-food to keep you stimulated and motivated throughout the day – especially if you plan to move into the library these next few weeks as the work load steps up!

Plan. Planning your work to be done at set times on set days is vital to stay on top of your studies and to allow you to make the most of your social life too. University is not all about study – it’s also about making friends for life, joining societies and most of all having a good time doing it.

Exercise. Whether you join a sports society or prefer to exercise alone, it is incredibly important to get those bodies moving between your studies. Exercise has been proven to improve focus and especially if you’re stressed, clear your mind. If you enjoy team sports, it’s a great way to meet new people and gain a support background for when you’re really feeling the pressures of university.

De-stress. I’m not sure if many of you are aware, but there is an event taking place with the English society aiming to de-stress students during the first weeks of university. Everyone finds it hard getting back into the swing of things after a long and relaxing summer. They have decided to run a non-alcoholic social at LUSH on the 29th October where you get to make a bath bomb and have facials and massages. It’s £15 to take part but you are also provided with £10 worth of free stuff!

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Hi, I’m Laura and I study English BA. Along with blogging about everything literature, expect a few sneaky posts that incorporate exciting new recipes from my @eat_me_clean_ food blog on Instagram. As an English student, it’s easy to get bogged down with an endless supply of articles, books and journals. So, hopefully, for fellow clean food lovers like myself, my posts will give you the motivation and healthy source of brain fuel you need to get you through those tough study days when studying English at the University of Leicester.

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One response to “Feeling stressed? I’ve got a cure for that!”

  1. Zack Humes

    Meditation or exercising is one of the best way to get relieved from the stress. It helps in keeping your fresh and hence improves your concentration power.

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