First Week Back

So this week I officially started my final year at the University of Leicester. It has been a hectic and crazy week. The work load is more than I initially thought but yet I’m enjoying it. I’m enjoying the modules I chose, especially my English module, EN3078, Love and Death in Russian and French Literature. The novels for this modules are not only modules I’ve always wanted to read (such as Honore de Balzac’s Pere Goriot, Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary and Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina) but they’re books that are vital in order to fully understand French and Russian culture. Especially as I study both English and History, I love novels that are not only fun to read, but also comment on society and the period in which it was written. It is not only the novels that I love, but the way it makes me think about bigger topics and themes, such as what is realism? And what is reality?

I feel that I am off to a good start because I’m making sure I give myself enough time to do all my assignments, and I even have a diary where I timetable everything I do/need to do. This is something I didn’t do in my first 3 years as a student, but I should have done earlier because it’s helping me a lot. Also, this year I have decided to be more involved in societies, and having a diary helps me to plan out my time more so I make sure that the societies do not interfere with my assignments, essays and deadlines.

I am so excited for this year, and although this week has been hectic, I’ve really enjoyed it.

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Hey, my name is Khadija, I am an English and History undergraduate student. I will be blogging about my year abroad in France. I am obsessed with History, especially Medieval History and love to read, hence the English half of my degree. Throughout the year I’ll be keeping you updated on all the excitements of living abroad, the differences and similarities to Leicester , and all the things I’ll learn living abroad.

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