Preparing for Third Year

Hey! I thought I’d use my first blog as an opportunity to introduce myself and let you guys know what I’m currently up to. I’m about to go into my third and final year (scary!) of English at Leicester, which means the stress of dissertation will soon be upon me.


Although there’s 4 weeks until I start back at uni, I’ve already started preparing for third year to reduce the trauma when I move back. I have already purchased all my organisational tools to make it seem like I have my life together, including a journal (important for recording all deadline dates, meetings and seminar work) and a very fancy, and unnecessarily expensive, notebook dedicated to my dissertation work, having it all in one book will make it so much more convenient. Oh and a fluffy pom pom pen to make me a little bit happier when I’m bored writing notes.


This also means I have actually begun some of my course reading to make it a little easier on myself during term time. Having been given a reading list was handy as it means I always scour through charity shops to find my core texts and save myself a bit of money. I have also been working on my dissertation reading during most of the summer so I can at least say I’m on track.


Lastly, I’ve been thinking a lot about societies, a huge part of university experience for most students. This year I’m contemplating joining dance as it is something I have a lot of experience with, I quite often find myself missing it so I figured may as well join in my third year before its too late! Let me know what societies you guys are apart of/are thinking of joining?


Molly x



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Hey everyone! My name's Molly and I’m a final year English student. Read my blog to follow me on my journey through third year at the University of Leicester. You can expect blog posts on University life, social life and my course as well as plenty of tips on how to make the most of life at Leicester!

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3 responses to “Preparing for Third Year”

  1. Aliyah

    Hey! Nice post. I think i need a fluffy pom pom pen too just to make note taking a bit more exciting lol. Best of luck with third year and your dissertation 😀

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