I won't forget this, Barthes.

Miscellaneous Things: The Ten Commandments

Numerous small topics of conversation today, organised into list form, statistically the most effective form of organising thoughts into a list. 1 ) Essays returned. Can’t complain much about the grades, although it turns out I don’t know quite as much about Critical Theory as I thought. Makes you wish Barthes hadn’t been hit by […]

If Webster had it his way, this paper probably would have been made from someone's skin.

The Duchess at the Old Vic: The Silence of the Lambs

Unbelievably, in the burning eye of the Easter news drought, I have something to report on: the other day I saw The Duchess of Malfi at the Old Vic, something so relevant to my subject it hurts. In fact in the first year I studied The Duchess of Malfi (by John Webster) and did a […]

Like this, but eating olives.

Easter Agenda: The Man Who Knew Too Much

The Easter holiday is pretty long. To be specific, it’s exactly over a month long. That’s right, exactly. And gone are the days when you could justify not studying very frequently during a holiday. Personally, I don’t want to be embarrassed by the Medieval Literature exam. Here’s a list of the things I won’t rest […]

Hmm, yeah, that's basically what happens. Good work.

The Best Books: The Reader

At this point I’ve read most of the books on the course this semester, so I’m vaguely qualified to say which ones I think are the best. I’ll pick one from each module, to be democratic: one Critical Theory text, one Medieval Literature text, and one From Satire to Sensibility text. Social justice! Based on […]

Library Days: The NeverEnding Story

Library Days: The NeverEnding Story

It really seems like a oversight to talk about an English degree at Leicester without also talking about the library, or ‘li-berry’. Opened in December 2008 by the Queen, the David Wilson Library is a focal point in most university educations. It’s where most people spend their free time between one lecture/seminar and another, and […]

Pepys, you stallion. Wikipedia can barely contain you.

Literature 1660-1789: Dangerous Liaisons

The third and final module this semester goes by the name of From Satire to Sensibility: Literature 1660-1789. It starts where the Renaissance stopped, and the party was over — or was it? In fact, with Cromwell’s Commonwealth shut down and the Restoration of Charles II to the throne, a whole new party was about […]

Medieval Literature: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Since Jennifer dealt with Critical Theory, I’ll discuss another one of our three modules from this semester: Medieval Literature, the writings of the Middle English period. This is really finishing what we started in the first year, with the module about The History of the English Language, and furthered last semester, in Old English. This […]

A New Term: Great Expectations

Exams are finished now, which means it’s currently the brief dead zone before term gets underway. It’s time to close the book on Chaucer, Renaissance Literature and Old English (if it’s possible to ever truly close the book on Old English) and start the new volume that is Medieval Literature, Literature 1660-1798, and Critical Theory. […]

In the mean time enjoy William Blake's The Canterbury Pilgrims, which I found on Wikipedia.

Exams: The Twilight Zone

Exams never change. I just had one, and from the little desks to the banning of mid-exam coat removal to the gym scenery to the bottled water with the sticker removed (wouldn’t want to get sued), it’s all pretty much the same as it was in Sixth Form, and secondary school, and possibly primary school […]

Revision Time: Back to the Future

Revision Time: Back to the Future

It’s a new year now — yes, I’ve checked — and what that essentially means is that exams which were previously ‘next year’ and thus far away are now ‘this year’ and thus in the immediate present. And revision is extremely necessary, because otherwise those five and a half hours of compound exam time will […]

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