Last exam …

This is a fleeting blog from the Attenborough building computer room on the University of Leicester campus … I just left my final ever ever ever exam !! (an hour early – I think I’ve written enough, cross your fingers for me!)

It was essentially discussing the semantics of the word melodrama over three different questions intended to last three hours … woof! I’m exhausted, and I only managed a couple of hours. I should have had more sleep maybe, or maybe they should have got some bloomin’ air conditioning in the examination hall … I don’t, always complaining about somethin’ aren’t I … my socks are wet … the room is too hot … excuse me can I go and get some fresh air, my head is about to explode?! … that kind of thing … well, it’s all over now and I can relax. And complaining is part of being British right? And there’s no beter time to be British than in the summer of 2012, we’ve a bounty of stuff to celebrate: The Queen’s Diamon Jubilee, the Olympics, the high water mark of TV (The Apprentice final) and personally I’m hoping that Roy Hodgson will win the England team some long awaited silverware (it’s about time to get optimistic, for it comes but every two years!)

Anyways, enough of a ramble, I’ll do some nice proper informative blogs before I close the chapter of my life that is time spent at the University of Leicester forever … it’s been great !

Keep Reading, Stay Beautiful, Stay Positive,
Matt H.

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Matt graduated from the University in Summer 2012 and is no longer blogging for this site.

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One response to “Last exam …”

  1. Snow

    Fingers crossed for you 😛

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