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The one problem I always have with trying to get work done at University is the distraction of news stories, before starting any sort of essay or set reading, I let myself onto various news websites to give myself a little daily round up of what’s been going on. I like to think it’s a good idea, and reminds me that I’m not always going to be immersed in my care-free University bubble – there’s a lot going on beyond Leicester! The only problem is when you find a story that really, really grips you, and no matter how many times you try to tell yourself how much more important that essay is, I can never seem to tear myself away from reading the same story on all the different sites to see what each one is saying. My main two for comparison are BBC and the Daily Mail (I know, I really should be ashamed) but often I’ll flick onto The Guardian for an extra read. Having been bought up by parents who basically live by whatever The Guardian says, it’s no wonder the tradition has passed onto me and I seem to find myself nodding away as I scan through their articles, very rarely disregarding or disagreeing with anything they have to say. Today has been no exception, although this may seem unrelated to my University studies, I feel this article in particular  especially as a young female studying a very media-based degree is endlessly relevant…

Championed as being perhaps THE face of the paralympics and over-coming endless hurdles to achieve the astonishing depth of success he has reached, I’m sure I’m not the only person who was utterly shocked and if we’re honest, a little in denial upon discovering the alleged shooting he conducted in killing his girlfriend. I’m guilty of it too, at first purely thinking about the consequences for him and his career, but this article from the Guardian sums up exactly the response we should all be having. This sensationalism of a women who has lost her life is absolutely disgusting, her looks or indeed job title should bare no point of interest in comparison to the sheer tragedy of these events. Almost immediately yesterday there were endless jokes sprawled across every social media site imaginable, and it seemed acceptable, because people have focused so much on Pistorious that they have ignored the severity of his actions; they are completely and utterly desensitized to what’s happened to her. 

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