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I’m a terrible blogger! With only two weeks of teaching left after the Easter breaks, third year has well and truly consumed me as of late. It’s been essay after essay after DISSERTATION, so unfortunately I’ve been spending all my spare time cooped up in the library willing all my work to go away.

But anyway, I’m finally getting round to writing up this blog, one that I’ve been meaning to write up for a while about the Leonardo Scheme. I didn’t hear about this through University, I think I found it on the Guardians job search while I was looking away for graduate jobs. I had my reservations about even applying for the scheme upon realizing that every lecturer that I mentioned the scheme to at University wasn’t aware of what it was. Luckily though, my dad is also a lecturer and he had heard of it, so it started to seem a more realistic option. Basically, the Da Vinci scheme or Leonardo project works in the same way an Erasmus year would for University students, except it’s for getting Undergrads into employment. It specializes in those with Arts based degrees and they find you work placements across Europe in your chosen sector.

It just so happened that I was on twitter one day when I saw the BBC film twitter account retweet a post about the scheme and the placements that they had available in the Film sector; until then I’d forgotten all about the scheme but when I saw this I thought it was worth looking into it a bit more. Now moving abroad to work seemed really daunting, although it would be an amazing opportunity, I’m not fluent in any other languages so it all seemed a bit out of my grasp. Luckily for me however, it turns out all the film placements were in Ireland; far enough to be a wonderful experience but close enough to move on your own and still feel confident about moving. I ended up applying for a placement in Dublin albeit a bit willynilly, not really thinking into it and not assuming much of it. The placement was  a Marketing and Audience Development position for a Film Exhbition company; right up my street!

A few weeks went by and I got a phone call offering me the placement, I’m still not entirely sure how I blagged it but it turns out i’m now moving to Dublin after graduation! I don’t think enough people know about the Da Vinci scheme, they pay for your flights to other countries, find your placement for you, pay for your accommodation on top of giving you a daily living allowance, the only thing you need to worry about is applying in the first place, and should you get a placement in a non-English speaking country (most of them are) then you need to learn the language but they also offer 2 week training programmes to give you a head start in this. The placements are quite difficult to find, so I can’t emphasis enough how valuable twitter actually is, there are so many recruitment companies constantly tweeting for graduates looking for work as well as the big companies; BBC, Channel 4, ITV all tweeting about the vast opportunities they have available.

Now I just need to keep my head down and get these last few weeks and the last 21312391283901 thousand words written before it’s graduation time! Oh lord.

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One response to “Leonardo Scheme”

  1. Daniel Hilsden

    Hey Hannah – It’s great to see how valuable Twitter can be for students looking to secure placements; I kinda wish I had this knowledge before I graduated as I never managed to nail a placement for myself!

    Oh well 🙂

    Best of luck with your placement!

    If you get some spare time – I’d really appreciate your input in answering a few questions about student living and costs.

    Do let me know if you’d be interested!

    Keep on blogging!


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