Three Years – DONE (I hope!)

I’ve finally come to the very end of my University ‘life’. Three turbulent years later and my degree is finally – hopefully at least – finished! I dare not jinx it and exclaim that I’m done for good, but pending my results, hopefully that’s it all done and dusted.

I remember getting really fed up of people continually going on about how quickly the time will go and how important it is to ’embrace’ the experience, turns out they were however, correct. I don’t think there is any point in getting worked up and thinking about how quickly time goes by, because the fact is as long as you make the most of it and really enjoy it, then why does it matter? As long as you enjoy your time then its indisputably well spent.

It is a cliché and I’m sure there are endless people blogging about the ‘best years of their life’ but so far, University has to be undoubtedly the best few years to date. Despite all the ups and downs (of which there are many!)  the ups massively out-weigh the downs. Who can really complain about a few hours a week of lecutures, on topics you hopefully want to  be learning about, living with like-minded fun people who are all trying to make the most of the care-free, mostly responsibility-free time that they have. After all, these are the only three years you can enjoy being young without the constrains of a full time job. Of course the academic side of your degree is simultaneously as important, but that all seems to fall into place easily as you’re hopefully studying a degree you actually wish to be learning about. Although there are times when lectures feel like the biggest chore in the world, for the most part education as a whole at University is enjoyable.

It is a funny old feeling having (again, hopefully!!) completed my degree, I still can’t quite get used to doing nothing and not feeling guilty and feeling like I should have a pen and paper in hand vigorously trying to learn any last minute pieces of revision, but alas, I am done!


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