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It’s been a month since I arrived back in Leicester for my third and final year as a Film & Visual Arts student, and I was not expecting the work load to hit me like it has. The jump up from 2nd year seems quite high; with what feels like an intense amount of deadlines approaching already. My first essay of the year is due in roughly two weeks time, and its a type of essay I haven’t written yet: a literature review. This means instead of discussing and analysing films, we have to (as the name suggests) analyse literature about the films – and its proving a little harder than I anticipated. But luckily it’s on a topic I’m interested in – Teen Television – so, I’m not complaining that I have to read copious amounts of articles and journals on The O.C, One Tree Hill and Glee…

The hardest thing I’m finding so far as a third year student is to structure a personal time table, because I have 8 hours contact time on campus – so I need to ensure I motivate myself to study the rest of the week! I’m a natural worrier, as I’m sure many, many students are. This means that the work load IS manageable, and the resources are easily available – its just it can all seem too much at times!

More positively, I wanted to just chat a little bit about my modules this term, which I am really enjoying. I’ve chosen TV Drama and Media on Film, both contemporary studies of cinema and television, which is definitely my kind of thing. Since the start of term, I’ve been able to read and study The Truman Show, Breaking Bad, One Tree Hill, Sex and the City and The Boat that Rocked. Pretty fab, right? The great thing about my course at Leicester is the variety of modules we have to choose from as students; if the modules I’d settled on weren’t really my kind of thing, I could have opted for: Sci-fi, Contemporary French Cinema or Post-War Italian Directors.


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Jessie has now graduated from the University of Leicester. Hi all, my name is Jessie and I'm currently in my third and final year as a Film & Visual Arts student here at the University of Leicester. I love all things movie-related, so my course is the perfect mix between work and play. Throughout the year I'll be bringing to you what its like to be a movie-loving nerd here at the University of Leicester through my little blog posts; informing you on my amazing course modules, the best places to catch the latest films and what to prepare for if you're looking to join the Film department. Enjoy!

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One response to “Work Load!”

  1. Film Fan

    Love the blog. Its the best I’ve ever read. Please tell me more about the deadlines as I am still struggling to figure out when mine are? Has the deadline for the literature review passed? Are we supposed to review like Harry Potter or something? And what does copious mean? Is it like some sort of vegetarian dish like quwawa? I hear its nice with a side of steak.

    Please tell me many more about worrying as I worry too. Recently I lost my tiger in Paris and now I worry that it will be enjoying Disneyland with out me. Mickey Mouse is da bomb.

    Also I very like post war Italian DICTATORS. How would you rule the world once you’ve created the Axis of evil? Would there be free ice cream?

    Many regarding

    Person yet to start studying.

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