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  • Let's Talk: Mental Health

2 responses to “Let’s Talk: Mental Health”

  1. lina ray

    Hi Charlotte, you have dealt with the essentials people having mental issues should have the knowledge of. And, you deserve thanks for using the first person singular tool.(I mean you could do it otherwise.)

    Mental health can be a great culprit for snatching your happiness and all that are related to you and but can (you said it) often be cured.
    Unfortunately, many across the globe don’t go seek help of medical professionals. While lack of knowledge is surely an impediment in the way to the deprivation, social attitude is also no less to blame. In many parts of the world, mental disorder is still considered as a voodoo issue. For many, it still is something disclosing which brings in a different stare from the so-called sound folks.

    Mass-awareness is what we need most to address the issue.

    Thanking you for the post.

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