2 responses to “Appreciating Foreign Film”

  1. Mitch North

    Great post, Charlotte. My experience teaches me that people aren’t usually introduced to foreign cinema. Those that do get the bug and can’t let go! The majority of films I watch are definitely foreign, so much so that I got into the habit of turning subtitles on even for English movies!

    Either way, the Read at Leicester programme (managed by the library) are trying to promote this type of thing to students. I don’t know if you’re familiar but they’ve got a little blog going: https://readatleicester.wordpress.com/category/film-reviews/

    Mubi is also a brilliant website, basically Netflix for indie/world cinema. I believe they have a deal going that’s £1 for 3 months. If you do sign up then I totally recommend the Hong Sang Soo movies they’re streaming right now (he’s a Korean filmmaker).

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