Summer Ball!

Not that i’m a cynic, in fact probably quite the opposite, I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that sometimes the infamous ‘sell out’ events that Uni puts on are not always up to the hype their marketed with. The Uni rarely puts on bad nights as such, but on occasion those ‘massive, heavy’ red […]


It’s not a secret to most that I have the biggest soft spot for a Friday night at Shabang. Whenever I think about my best nights at Uni, they always seem to have happened there. Tucked away in the corner of the Scholar, vodka lemonade and lime in hand surrounded by my closest friends dancing […]

Three Years – DONE (I hope!)

I’ve finally come to the very end of my University ‘life’. Three turbulent years later and my degree is finally – hopefully at least – finished! I dare not jinx it and exclaim that I’m done for good, but pending my results, hopefully that’s it all done and dusted. I remember getting really fed up […]

Leonardo Scheme

I’m a terrible blogger! With only two weeks of teaching left after the Easter breaks, third year has well and truly consumed me as of late. It’s been essay after essay after DISSERTATION, so unfortunately I’ve been spending all my spare time cooped up in the library willing all my work to go away. But anyway, I’m […]

News distractions!

The one problem I always have with trying to get work done at University is the distraction of news stories, before starting any sort of essay or set reading, I let myself onto various news websites to give myself a little daily round up of what’s been going on. I like to think it’s a […]

I Give It A Year

I’m a sucker for a Working Title rom-com, I don’t think I could fault a single film made by them…Bridget Jones, Love Actually, Notting Hill, About a Boy, it’d be fair to say I’m obsessed with them all. So you can imagine how happy I was to see they were producing a new film and […]

February already!?

Where has the last month gone? I don’t know if it’s because I am approaching the very end of my University experience, but the months/weeks just seem to be flying by at a cruelly-fast paced rate – scary! Second semester has begun, which for some reason always seems to be my favourite semester of each […]

That’s it…

My last ever January exam is finally done and dusted, what a strange feeling! So funny to think I will never have another Christmas holiday worrying about the endless amounts of revision and horrid late night library sessions I’ll have to complete before sitting through a dreaded 3 hour exam (okay, they really are never […]


I had my first film ‘debut’ this week. That’s right, I may as well now be a fully- fledged star… or at least my voice should be seeing as that’s the only aspect of my existence that made it into the final cut but still, it counts right? It was really fun being a part […]

The start of a new blogger!

I’m the new Film blogger, how exciting! It’s probably the worst time to start blogging just as the end of the first semester is rolling to a close and I’m sure everybody is eager to forget about University for a bit and enjoy the Christmas break! So I thought I’d put University aside for one […]

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