Planning for the Future

In exactly a month, I will have completed my last undergraduate exam, and in three months I will officially be a Film & Visual Arts graduate of the University of Leicester. Considering how fast these milestones in my academic career are approaching, I thought it was appropriate to write a blog post about my plans for the […]

Volunteering Catchup

Since I last posted, I’ve had two Storytelling sessions so far, and I’m enjoying it so much! I thought I’d just summarise the sort of activities I’ve been involved in. I’ve been allocated a Year 3 class, and although my volunteering positions is a ‘storyteller’, I’ve been helping out with other class activities in the […]


I’ve been really excited about a new volunteering scheme I’ve become a part of and I can’t wait to write all about it here on the Film Studies blog once it gets going! For now (as I haven’t officially started) I’ll just give you a little low down on what it entails for now… The University […]

Work Load!

It’s been a month since I arrived back in Leicester for my third and final year as a Film & Visual Arts student, and I was not expecting the work load to hit me like it has. The jump up from 2nd year seems quite high; with what feels like an intense amount of deadlines […]

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