Last exam …

This is a fleeting blog from the Attenborough building computer room on the University of Leicester campus … I just left my final ever ever ever exam !! (an hour early – I think I’ve written enough, cross your fingers for me!) It was essentially discussing the semantics of the word melodrama over three different […]

Good Evening Good Afternoon Good Night !

Hola folks, So, this week the University of Leicester bloggers had a little awards event, sadly my foray into written word on behalf of the establishment didn’t garner anything. Runner-up here and there but nothing to write home about. Anyways, it’s all over, final seminar was a ribald revision fest, what fun, and the final […]

Graduation here we come ! (The Great Gown Racket!)

Dissertation in, final essay in, just one more exam to revise for and a lovely show at the University’s student union O2 Academy last night … Leicester, it’s almost over ! Had an email through this week from Graduation Services and I’m certainly looking forward to receiving my mock scroll in a crazy outfit in […]

D-Day !

This Friday dissertation deadline day is upon us. It’s all finished, typed up, blackboard TurnItIn and all that niceness … just waiting on printers now for their ink and binding, what a mighty fine racket they run ! All this paper and print surely can’t be doing the world a lot of good around deadline […]

Touch Down Leicester …

Wrong sport, right? Touch downs have nothing to do with the Leicester Tigers, always good to come past the Welford Road Stadium when I come back into town. It’s only a flying visit mid-Easter break. A weekend in the glorious sunshi… erm… what’s this rain all about?!?! I’ve heard of April showers but this is […]

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