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  1. Maggie Cheung

    Hi Megan
    I feel your pain. I used to commute from Kidderminster to Leicester when I did my Msc at Leicester, and during the first few months of my PhD, so I used the same service as you. They are generally reliable as you’ve mentioned. But the morning service that is never delayed, was delayed on the day of my exam. Lucky for me, I was allowed the time that I was late for. Once the trains were cancelled between 5pm and 9pm, which left me little time to catch the last train from Birmingham to Kidderminster. I have tried to drive before, and ended up seeing the train leave Birmingham, while I was going slowly along the motorway, and was stuck in traffic in leicester.

    When I moved to Leicester, I just didn’t know what to do with the extra time. I ended up putting more time into work, and made some really good friends, that I wouldn’t have if i had the long commute each day. I understand why you would want to commute, but once you’ve experienced walking to work in 15 minutes, you really can’t go back to commuting.

    I hope the trains carry on running smoothly for you, and good luck with your PhD

    1. Megan

      I would love to have a 15 minute walk to work – unfortunately it’s not just down to me. My train trip means that my boyfriend has a 15min walk to work and I can’t ask him to give that up simply so I can have the same thing. We are hoping to move closer, find somewhere in between to strike a balance but until then my commute isn’t too bad… most of the time.

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