Big week

So I reached a few different milestones this week that thought I would share with you. They’re both things that I hope as PhD students everyone will achieve. The first one is the publication of the first paper related to my PhD, the second is officially finishing probation.

1. Our Paper

So I don’t often speak about my actual research on this blog but for those interested on Tuesday 30th Sept my teams work (and therefore my work) was published in the journal Nature Communications. This is a great journal with a high impact factor (and regardless of what people want to be true, a high impact factor matters). We’re very happy, especially my colleague Ana who is a final year PhD student and the first author, this paper is huge for her. The University have done a press release and we made it onto the homepage :), although it was short lived and we were quickly bumped by the news of our new VC.

To find our paper you can follow this link, our work is open access so anyone can read it, or just look at some of our lovely images if you prefer 🙂 . We’ve managed to make it into newspapers around the world which is pretty exciting.

Getting published during your PhD is hugely important – if you plan to apply for academic jobs you need to have a publication record. I plan to keep growing mine over the next few years.

2. Passing probation

So after the excitement of Tuesday you would think that was it for the week, but Wednesday was also a big day for me. My paperwork was officially transferred taking me from 1st year probation student to 2nd year PhD student. While this is essentially just a admin thing it feels good to know that my probation review panel think I can successfully complete a PhD within the designated time frame. I can’t really believe I’m one year down already -I’m definitely proud of what I’ve already achieved, and have a lot of aims for the coming year.

Today I’m in London for a Science Media workshop hosted by Sense About Science so watch out for a post about that next week.

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