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I’ve just taken it and if you’re a postgrad you should to! The Graduate School emailed you about it, go on have a look, it was on Monday. Now I know a lot of the time it’s easy to ignore surveys like this but I think this one is important. In the hopes of persuading you I thought I’d give you a little taste of the questions, so you can decide for yourselves if you think it’s worthwhile.

Page 1: Supervisor support, I get brilliant support from my supervisor so if you feel the same here’s a chance to let others know (alternatively if you’re having a tough time, let someone know!).

Then the survey moves onto what your opinions are of the facilities and support available to you, and as a general rule I’m pretty happy in this department – I have my own office space and a lab bench so no complaints really. This is followed with a few pages on understanding your responsibilities and how you feel you’re developing as a researcher (lab skills, critical analysis skills etc…).

Activities outside your research are also given a little time with questions about attending/presenting at conferences and demonstrating for undergraduates.

Then we move onto the topic of my last post – the students union. As I pointed out I have no negative feelings towards to SU but I also don’t feel they represent me. This survey gives you the opportunity to express this view, and hopefully if enough of us do then it could result in some changes. For me these questions alone were enough to make me want to fill in the survey.

Finally it concludes with asking for a little info on why you chose to do a research degree (it felt like a natural progression for me) and what career you have in mind post PhD (other – currently undecided).

Hopefully I’ve convinced you to dig the email out of your inbox, where it’s no doubt already been buried under a mountain of other requests. From personal experience I can guarantee it does only take a few minutes (definitely less than 10) and there are plenty of comment boxes if you need to add details to any answers you give. PG student feedback is needed if you want to change the system and for those of you who really can’t find that email JUST CLICK HERE.


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