Hey I’m Caroline!

Hello! My name is Caroline and I’m the new Geography student blogger!

It is an honour to be taking over from Connie, who has given a wonderful insight into studying Geography and life at Leicester. If you are reading Connie, congratulations for achieving a first-class honours, I wish you all the best in your Master’s degree! I will try my best to fill your shoes!

I’d like to tell you a bit about myself and summarise my university experience so far. I’ve just finished my first year at Uni and it has been an interesting journey for me. I can honestly say I am not the same person I was only 9 months ago. I was very awkward and introverted when I stepped out of the car into the Beaumont Hall car park back in September 2013, but now, I have more self-confidence and a wider understanding and perspective of the world, which is enabling me to grow as a person. Looking back I can confirm that Uni is a thrilling bombardment of new experiences, challenges and realisations which will inevitably change you, as it has changed myself.

I come from Birmingham, which is only an hour’s drive from Leicester, but feels like a world away. Since Birmingham is a much bigger city, it was very strange for me to only spend 20 minutes on the bus from the suburbs to the city centre, as opposed to a 1 hour journey in Birmingham! Moving to an unfamiliar city was a big change but now it feels like I have a second home and a second family with the friends I have made.

This year’s course has been very interesting and nothing like what I expected. At A level everything was a lot more structured and black and white, whilst at degree level everything I knew became a complex interwoven technicolour web of knowledge. I soon stopped being a tourist and was renting an apartment in the realms of Geography.

The first-term modules ranged fromĀ delving deep into theories behind spatial aspects of society -When does a space become a place? What does the term ‘disabled’ really mean?
…to the intricate workings of Earth’s natural systems – How do the motion of the air and water, winds and oceans, affect global climates? Why has Earth remained habitable for billions of years?
…to the relationships between society and our environment – How can we achieve energy security with minimal cost to the environment? How do we mitigate the pressures put on our human and natural systems as the Earth’s population continues to escalate?

Still think we just colour in maps? Inter-departmental banter aside, any Geography freshers have a lot to look forward to in September and I hope you’ll follow my blog for some advice and what to expect at Leicester. If you have any questions feel free to comment!

Second year will be a lot different academically and socially so I am quite excited. I want to join some new societies and try new things, as well as pick some old hobbies back up. The Geography course will change too and I hope to have a better idea of what I want to specialise in as the year progresses.

Stay tuned!


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Hey! I'm Caroline and I'm in my second year studying BSc Geography. I have a strong interest in environmental issues and enjoy music, art and volunteering outside of studying. I'll be blogging about my course and life at Leicester as well as proving that Geography isn't just colouring in maps!

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