Reflections and resolutions

The New Year is drawing close and as always is a chance to reflect and have a fresh start. Whilst I have really enjoyed the first term, there are some aspects that could be improved next year. As part of the Leicester Award online workshops, reflection was focused on in the processes of identifying key skills that I already have. Reflection is key to improving and developing, since you can see where you went wrong and what to do next time, and we (should) do it all the time, not just at the end of the year.

Reflecting selfie...

Reflecting selfie…

This term I have really felt the importance of immersing myself into modules and relating my course to things in everyday life. This has really helped me to fuel my interest in the modules and hence my motivation to succeed. I don’t know how easy this is for other subjects but for geography there are links to be made everywhere!

At the same time I have found I need to separate my ‘work life’ from the rest of my time, to keep some balance in my life. Whilst this has been a mix of socialising, exercising, society activities or relaxing at home, I have found that it is important to choose leisure activities carefully and balance long-term and short-term benefits.

Next term I want to think about my course more in relation to the world I know since I think this will help me find out what I want to do for my dissertation and career-wise after Uni. Similarly I want to focus my leisure time more on activities that will benefit me more in the long-term – activities that will boost my career prospects since I’ve only got a year and a half left now! Its quite terrifying. Lastly, I have mentioned it in a previous blog but I want to reduce my landfill waste as much as possible and I have already begun to implement changes in my lifestyle that will enable this, so the transition should not be too hard!

Good luck reflecting and thinking up your resolutions! Happy New Year!


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