Go Green Week part 1

Go Green Week. The week designated to drawing people’s attention to climate change and encouraging people to adopt an alternative, greener lifestyle. For a great overview of everything involved this year in Go Green Week, check out Olivia’s blog post. This week has been one of the busiest week so far this year for anyone doing Environmental Volunteering for the Leicester Award and being part of the Environmental Action Society. Despite the early starts, last-minute complications and long days, it has been great to see all our organisation and hard work being pulled off. If you’ve read my earlier posts, you will know that I have been planning a project with my Leicester Award group, but have been involved in lots more too! Here’s everything that’s gone on, part 1!

1) Meat-Free Monday
On Monday I went to visit the Leicester Award Food group’s stall in the Student’s Union. I was dead impressed with the amount of effort that they put in. As well as having bought tons of fruit and vegetables to hand out for free, encouraging student’s to try locally bought produce, the group had decorated their stall with dozens of posters, recipes and hand-painted T-shirts! They also ran a couple of great competitions, like guess the number of grapes in the jar, which I didn’t win unfortunately 😛

2) Travel Tuesday
This was my group’s project, whereby we would reward those that walked home to Oadby with food vouchers, whilst sharing great travel tips and cycling information on our stall. We had arranged shifts for volunteers the previous few weeks, however we were immediately stalled in our plan when a few volunteers couldn’t make it on the day. This meant that we had to adapt our plan to contain fewer checkpoints to man, and had to be more resourceful with the volunteers advertising the scheme at the bus stops. Furthermore the weather was freezing, so we had few takers of the reward scheme and the health of our volunteers were at risk, who had originally opted for long outdoor shifts. To solve this we adapted the plan to include 2nd and 3rd years. If they were able to prove they had walked to or from Uni, by taking a photo and posting it to the Environment Team social media pages, they were able to receive a voucher. When more volunteers turned up we were able to carry on with our original plan but it was still hard going given the weather conditions! We did however get a great number of student’s at our stall, entering the pledge tree competition, whereby student’s could pledge to do something more environmentally friendly. Overall I’d say the day was a great success!

Part 2 coming soon, involving Waste-not-Wednesday and Make an Impact Friday!


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