Go Green Week part 2

Here is the follow up post to my previous post about Go Green Week, continuing on from Meat-Free-Monday and Travel Tuesday!

3) Waste-Not-Wednesday
On Wednesday I payed a visit to the Waste group, who were situated in the ARC. It was instantly clear how hard the group had worked for their project. They had designed and created a number of giant board games from recycled/reused materials, including a bowling alley, giant scrabble, noughts and crosses, jenga, dominoes and table tennis! As well as this they had information boards with some great tips about reducing your amount of waste, and a test to see if you can sort waste into the correct recycling facilities.


Giant scrabble

Giant noughts and crosses

4) Make an Impact Friday

As opposed to a Leicester Award project group, this day was led by the Environmental Action Society. We set up a stall in the Student’s Union where members could attract the attention of students passing by and talk to them about how to reduce their carbon footprint. We enabled students to calculate their carbon footprint using a carbon footprint calculator and asked them if they would like to make a pledge and enter the pledge competition to win Fair Trade food products. Our rationale behind the stall was that a lot of people don’t realise how easy it is to make simple changes that can hugely decrease your carbon footprint, such as eating less meat, washing your clothes at 30 degrees Celsius instead of 40.  Whilst gaining interest in our cause we were also able to promote the society to those interested, and gained 5 more members on the day! Success!

Overall I’d say the week was well worth the effort put in and a great experience for all involved. I am also very happy that we have changed at least a few people’s environmental awareness and actions and our pledge tree is in leaf for many years to come!


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