5 things to do post-exams as a Leicester Geography student

Since exams are officially finished on the 6th of June, many of us will be looking for things do to in the weeks before heading home! In no particular order here’s my top list of things to do post-exam in Leicester.

1. Head to Shabang or LetsDisko

What better way to celebrate and have fun with all your course friends in the Uni’s very own Student Union? On Wednesday the O2 will be a huge Beach party and Friday will see the infamous Shabang end of year party!

Shabang in the O2 Academy on campus

2. Return your library books

As I’m sure many others are, I am guilty having been continually renewing a couple of library books from the first term of this year, so taking them back to the library is on the top of my to do list. It may take a few trips but I’m sure the next second-year Geographers will appreciate having reading material!

3. End of term society socials

Many societies have planned end of year balls or meals, a perfect way to round off the year. My society, the Environmental Action Society are having a joint sustainability festival afternoon in conjunction with Hungry for Change and the Environment Team. It should be a lot of fun, with a BBQ, fun and games, face painting, bubble football and of course handing out volunteering certificates and society hoodies!

4. Reading for fun

It sounds bizarre, since given the last few months of reading only scientific textbooks and articles, the term ‘reading’ just makes me think of courses – but now its possible to read normal fiction books without feeling guilty! Of course it is also a good idea, particularly if you are a first year Geographer, to read into a part of Geography that you find interesting. This can help you think of a potential idea for your dissertation to specialise in – and there’s no harm in getting a head start in preparation for second year!

5. Mind the Gap

I don’t know about other departments, but for 1st and 2nd year geographers, Mind the Gap workshops will soon be upon us! These are a set of lectures and workshops that give you an idea of the step up or ‘gap’ between the different years, including advice and the skills you may need to develop and implement in the next year. They are really worth going to because the standard required for your degree definitely increases with each year, and it is almost impossible to know what to expect without these workshops.

So that’s it – if you have any other suggestions let me know in the comments!


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