Why I’m excited for the next few weeks!

Exams are finished! Or should I say exam – this term mostly comprised of coursework! Whilst it is a relief there is still much to do! Check out my post about things to do post-exam as a geography student. For me specifically however, I am very excited for the weeks ahead before going home later in June. Firstly, my housemate and I will finally get a chance to celebrate our birthdays, which unfortunately clashed with the exam period.

Secondly on the 10th of June, as President of the Environmental Action Society, my fellow committee member (next year’s President) and I will be heading to the Leicester Student Awards! The society has been nominated and shortlisted for Campaigning Group of the Year! We are hugely happy and proud to be considered, and even if we don’t win it is still a huge honour to have been shortlisted! From what I’ve heard, this will be a really glam event with suits, ballgowns, dinner and music – check out the SU page to see the other nominees. Its so great how the Uni recognises students and societies that have gone the extra mile, and for such a range of achievements. I am so excited.

Thirdly, I can now crack on with making the most of my year’s gym membership before it expires. I tried to go every few days during exam time (which is great to destress by the way), but now I can go for as long as I like and perhaps finally try one of the many fitness classes the gym offers with the membership.

Fourthly, dissertation planning! Whilst I need to have a chat with my dissertation supervisor again, this will involve signing the risk assessment and requesting the equipment I need in order to do my fieldwork sampling. The geography department has a range of equipment to offer – from stable isotope analysers and spectrometers and scary-looking machines for dating sediments – however I will only require the most basic tools a geographer can need, a tape measure and clinometer. I hope to write more about my dissertation in a later post and am quite looking forward to beginning collecting the field data once back home!

Amidst all this, I am looking for a summer job to raise funds for next year and get some experience for my CV. It should be a busy few weeks and hopefully a busy summer! I hope you enjoyed this little update and thank you for reading!


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