The end of 2nd year and my goals for 3rd year

This week I’ve been settling back into life in my home town. Leaving Leicester for the summer holidays was quite emotional this year, since what feels like the majority of my friends are going on a year abroad next year, and it may be a long time until I see them again.

Goodbye garden!

What’s more I had to leave my current house, which I have really grown to love and I know next year’s house will never live up to it – I mean we had a dishwasher and a slightly overgrown but lovely little garden! However next year the house I am renting will be in Clarendon Park – a lot closer to Uni and the houses of my friends.

As my final year is coming up, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do next year to make the most of university whilst I’m still here. Aside from my academic goals, here are my goals for next year!

1. Co-run a successful society – as Treasurer next year, help to make EAS one of the best campaigning societies in the Student’s Union, with lots of opportunities for members to make a tangible difference on campus in terms of the environment and sustainability

2. Build up my CV – get a longer-term part-time job. So far I’ve only really got temporary work experience, so my employers have little experience of me, which makes it more difficult for them to act as referees. Hopefully through this I’ll also save up some money to use in the great unknown which is after uni.

3. Try more societies – I’d really love to try out a lot more of the activities various societies have to offer, even if just going to the Taster sessions. However I would seriously like to join the orchestra, as playing in an orchestra is something I’ve done since I was 8 years old and I’ve barely picked up my cello since uni.

4. Live a more sustainable lifestyle – this year I have made some big steps towards being more sustainable, see my previous post, however there are always ways to become more sustainable. I’d like to lessen my dependence on Morrison’s and other large chain supermarkets, which means shopping at the local butcher’s, baker’s and greengrocer’s on Queens road and making more trips to the market in the city centre. I also want to try to eat less meat, by cutting meat out of my diet for a few days each week – this saves so much carbon you would not believe. Check out this website for tons of information about it.

I’m sure I will think of more goals in the coming weeks, however for now I will look forward to the challenge of these four. Hope you enjoyed reading!


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