Insight into third year – the busiest of them all

I’m just over 3 weeks in to my third year at Leicester, and life is exactly what people said it would be – busy! It seems that the extra workload from my course, coupled with my desire to experience everything I have ever wanted to try society-wise, has meant my timetable is jampacked! I’m sure this is the same for all student’s in my situation, as this year is the final chance to live uni life to the fullest. Not only that but I am working a lot of hours in my new part-time job – which I don’t regret taking up (£££ = :)). Here’s an insight into my week, which I hope will encourage first and second years to start doing everything you want to do now – while you still have time!


9-11am: Lecture – new American lecturer, very interesting
11-12pm: Committee meeting, planning upcoming events – my society you can read my last post about here
12-3pm: Work shift – stressful due to lunchtime rush
3pm+: Dissertation work, seminar readings
8pm: Gym – aka. stress relief


6:30-9:30am: Work shift – very early start
Go home and do some work on my dissertation
12-3pm: Work shift
Go home, dissertation work
6:15pm – 7pm (8pm): Work meeting
7pm-8pm: Student Sustainability Working Group meeting -which I missed due to overrunning work meeting


EAS outside Just Fair Trade, who were very welcoming!

EAS outside Just Fair Trade, who were very welcoming

10:30-11:30am: Meeting with dissertation supervisor – very helpful!
Go home eat lunch, society event preparations
12:45-3pm: Society trip/eco-tour into Leicester City Centre – lots of fun, got to meet some great people!
Go home finish seminar readings
6pm-9:30pm: – Burlesque society taster session and social – wonderfully friendly and misunderstood bunch
Go home and finish notes for next day

Thursday (today)

Get up early and do something useful
11 – 12pm: Seminar – interesting discussions
12-1pm: Dissertation work in geography study room
1-5pm: Shift at work
Go home, write this blog post, do more reading, and start work on coursework assignments. Since I play the cello, I was planning to go to an Orchestra Society rehearsal tonight – however this hasn’t happened because a) I am really tired and b) I don’t think I will be able to keep it up since it requires devotion of more hours than I can give, perhaps next term! (really wishing I had joined it in first year)

Friday (my plan for tomorrow)

10-11am: Lecture
11-12pm: Committee Meeting – still lots to sort out!
12-2pm: Dissertation work + anything else
2-3pm: Lecture
3-6:15pm: Shift at work
Run home, eat and get ready, then leg it back to uni (not sure if this is feasible)
7pm: – Campaigning societies social – based on last year, should be good time, despite our political differences!

I won’t bore you with all the reading I have to do at the weekend, however I hope that was an interesting insight. If you have any questions or anything let me know in the comments!



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