New year resolutions of a Leicester uni student

Happy New Year! In this post I thought I would share with you my resolutions for the year 2016, as customary. Most people are dismissive of New Year’s resolutions, because most of us never commit to making the intended change. However, I still see them as a wonderful opportunity not only to make a fresh start and improve a specific aspect of your life, but also a time to reflect on the past year. I feel like I have changed a lot since the start of 2015, mostly for the better! I’ve definitely become more confident in myself, and improved my communication skills in professional situations. Anyhow, here are my resolutions for next term!

1. Be more proactive in job hunting for next year – I’m graduating this year and although I have been looking out for jobs I am interested in and perfecting my CV, it’s time to start applications. I also want to further explore other options, such as doing a Masters or travelling. The University’s postgraduate fair was very informative about funding for post grad studies, and the geography department were very helpful in going into more detail about the courses on offer. However I do want to find out what other Universities are offering and think about how specific courses will help me get a job I would really like to do.

2. Make better use of my University sports centre card – at the start of the year I paid £225 for a year’s membership, which includes the gym, pool, spa and fitness classes. Last term I made sure that I went enough to get my money’s worth (for the term), but for the rest of the year I want to go even more than I need to, to ensure it was a good investment. I also want to finally go to a fitness class, which I’ve heard are really fun!

3. Put 110% into my dissertation – I really want to do well in my dissertation and achieve at least a 2:1. Whilst I have been working on it so far, it has been in stops and starts due to other deadlines building up and taking up more of my time. So this term I really want to concentrate on making it as best as it can possibly be!

I hope everyone has a great New Year and does well to keep up their resolutions. Thanks for reading!


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