Eat, Sleep, Recycle, Repeat

In this post I want to talk about something I am a part of due to my involvement in the Environmental Action Society. The Student Sustainability Working Group is a group of representatives from student societies that have an interest in sustainability – with current representatives from Hungry for Change, Environmental Action, Young Greens, Geography Society, Zoology, LUSH Radio, Chocoholics Society and the Islamic Society. Every couple of weeks we meet to discuss sustainability issues on campus, figure out a way forward and allocate money from the SEED fund to student projects to improve sustainability.

Currently myself, the Environment Team Communication’s Coordinator and two representatives from the Geography society are working on a new recycling scheme to improve the recycling in the Student’s Union. At the moment a lot of items are put into the wrong bins, as students aren’t sure what needs to go where. For example – you have a paper Starbucks cup with a plastic lid and a bit of coffee left in it… which bin do you put it in?


The surprising answer is the plastic lid in the plastics bin, and the coffee cup in landfill because due to the bit of coffee, food waste must go in landfill! So what we’ve done so far is put up this display board opposite the Point – which is quite humorous and includes items that you can buy in the shops in the SU. We’re also working on making stickers to go on the bins, and banners to go on the TV screens – as the SU operates a no flyers/no posters policy to reduce paper usage and keep the place looking nice. In the long-term we’re hoping to get a special bin that you can pour liquids down and then dispose of the cup/bottle.


In SSWG meetings, people who are working on SEED fund projects have the chance to update the rest of the group about their project and receive advice from the other members. Its a great atmosphere and the perfect opportunity for non-environmental type societies to develop an aspect of their society to be more sustainable! If you’re in a society and want to get involved, let me know and I will contact the chair for you! Thanks for reading!


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