Review of the fitness classes at the Danielle Brown Sports Centre

As you may remember from my New Years Resolutions blog post, I really wanted to make full use of my sports membership and try out the fitness classes which are included in the price. Well, its 3 months into the year and I can proudly say I have been to multiple fitness classes this year! So without further ado here are the ones I’ve been to and my experience in each!


Legs, Bums and Tums


This is the class I have been to the most, as they provide good stress relief and a definite workout as it can leave you sore for days! As indicated by the title, this class targets your legs, glutes and abdominal area, with a bit of arm work thrown in to. When I first went I was a little nervous as I was worried I wouldn’t know how to do to many of the moves, but the instructor was really friendly and explained everything from beginner level moves to advanced moves. I actually found that I already knew a lot of the moves and could skip to the more advanced variations of moves in some cases. Every time I’ve been the workout has been different i.e. a different set of moves, different music etc. and within each workout you never know which moves are going to come up next. This makes it really fun as you can’t get bored and its far more exciting than a solitary gym workout. Some of the instructors are quite funny too so there’s lots of giggles. There’s a normal and ‘ladies only’ class, however I have noticed the times i’ve been to the normal one its only ever women there – but please don’t be put off it you’re a guy as everyone is very welcoming! My one piece of advice with this class is to warm up and stretch before the class begins – as there’s no opportunity in class and you will be very sore afterwards if you don’t warm up.

Yoga (




Yoga is the ultimate stress-relieving and strengthening class. I’ve only been to one class so far but it was a very enjoyable experience. The instructor was really friendly, and although I found it a bit hard to keep up to begin with (because most of the people there were regulars), by the end I felt more like I knew what I was doing with the moves and the aim of the exercises. By the end of the class I felt so relaxed and stretched, and I can’t wait to go back to improve my flexibility more! I also think it would be a good idea to go during exam time to de-stress.




I’m still not 100% sure what the aim of this class is – as it differed a lot to what I had expected from doing various Pilates videos on YouTube. It seemed to be a lot about breathing correctly and targeting muscles to strengthen them, as well as building your core strength. Although again I only went once, it felt like less of a workout to me and more like a relaxation class. Admittedly it was probably my least favourite class as I didn’t really understand what the instructor wanted me to do and I didn’t feel the effects I was supposed to feel – despite the instructor repeatedly coming over and making sure I was doing it right. I might try again in future with hopefully a different instructor, as I’ve heard the classes vary a lot between instructors!


Body pump


This was probably my most humorous class as I felt quite ridiculous pumping iron. Basically everyone had dumbbells and bar weights and it was a set of lifts and squats and chest presses with the varying weights. The class was very repetitive – which was good to get my technique right – but got very boring quite quickly. It was a very targeted muscle workout so if that’s your thing than you’ll like this class. I only went to this class once, but in the one I went to the music was far too loud and I couldn’t hear the instructor well. I also got told off for not using more weights – despite the fact I have limited arm strength and could not lift any thing else.


That’s all the classes I’ve been to so far. I’m really glad I’ve tried them and even the not-so-fun experiences have been worth it! As you can tell, LBT is my favourite and the one I go to most weeks. I have to thank my friend Zora, who does Zoology, because without her inviting me to my first LBT it would have taken me much longer to get to all these classes! So thank you Zora! It’s much easier and more fun to go with a friend because then you don’t have to worry about looking silly as you can just have a laugh if your nervous or if something goes wrong. For the full list of classes check out the website here. If you have any suggestions for which class I should try next, please comment below!



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