3 Benefits of exam time at Leicester

We all know the exam period is far from the most enjoyable time of the year, and most students struggle in some way or another. I certainly find it a stressful time!  But instead of focusing on the negatives, in this post I want to look on the bright side and present the benefits of exam time at Leicester Uni.


1.Break from lectures


For students with 9am starts particularly, exam time offers a break from having to go to early-morning or late afternoon lectures and seminars when your mind says yes but your body says no. Its a time where you make your own hours for studying. Some students prefer to sleep in late and then work late into the night – to be honest the library is much quieter at that time!


2. Revision in the sun


Although much can’t be said for the current weather, when it’s nice outside, there’s nothing more relaxing than getting a sun tan and a nice dose of vitamin D whilst you revise. Last year I spent a good few revision days out in my back garden in glorious sunshine. Hopefully the weather will turn nicer this year as I’m looking forward to joining the masses of students that will be flocking to Vicky park to revise in the sun.

My slightly overgrown but lovely garden last year

My slightly overgrown but lovely garden last year

3. Stress busting activities


Every exam period, the Student’s Union puts on a range of ‘stress-busting’ activities that you can go along to to chill out. In the past this has included petting guide dogs and popping infinite sheets of bubble wrap. Last year I also noticed meditation sessions and free de-stress packs! I’m looking forward to seeing what they come out with this year!


Hope you enjoyed reading!



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