What I have learnt from first year!

As many of you know, I’m a second year undergraduate who studies geography. Geography is an intense course because we have a large amount of reading we get assigned. For those non-geographers, yes we do read and not just colour in maps.

As I entered second year, I reflected back on my first year to see how I can improve and get better grades. The following are three tips which everyone can learn and improve from:

1) READING! Once you enter university, the most common line you will hear from your lecturers will be ‘you need to read for your degree’. This little line means so much and it’s very true. At university,you will become an independent individual who needs to work for their grades. I understand that the reading list can be a nightmare to look at but, honestly it’s your holy list for your module.

2) ATTEND YOUR LECTURES, EVEN YOUR 9AM! Yes I said it! Attending lectures can make a big difference when it comes to learning. When you miss a lecture, you will fall behind and may struggle to catch up. People say that you can copy your friend’s lecture notes which may not be the case because, everyone has a different interpretation of the lecture. Such as the lecturer saying something which is relevant to you but not to your peer. Similarly, attending lectures means you will be writing done notes and engaging with the lecture so you will process it faster, giving you an advantage over someone who hasn’t attended. Here is the big one, your 9am lectures! Don’t miss these lectures as it will be an early start to your day. Once the lecture is finished, you will have the whole day to yourself to do something productive and make the most out of the day.

3) KEEP ORGANISED! Organisation is a key player when it comes to university. Get yourself a diary or an organiser to write down your deadlines or what you need to do. There are many ways to be organised such as getting folders, highlighters, post it notes etc. Additionally, invest in all year planner which you can stick onto your wall. This gives a visual view what you’re expecting in the next day, week, month or year.

Most importantly, have fun in your university life but maintain the balance!

Take care,

Simran 🙂

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Hello everyone. My name is Simran and I am a third Geography student. I will be blogging about my adventures as a university student, from flying off to Colombia to staying in a Leicester student house.

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