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Two words: Exam season.
As we adventure back into our normal university routine, the first couple of weeks are exams. Good luck everyone! I found it so difficult to revise at home with all the food and Christmas movies on. I literally spent a whole day watching Disney films with my sister in law. However, here are six tips about how I revise and how others revise.

1) Highlighting key words ?- Your brain will remember important facts which you can link to other statements. Also, colours are a great way to revise from and it makes your notes colourful.

2) Flash cards/ record cards? – I live by these! Every exam I have ever had, I have always used flash cards to summary points. This is a great tool for revision because you can carry them around with you instead of your notebook. Additionally, you will only be looking at the key points and not all the waffle.

3) Mind maps? – It’s a great way to link different points together and it’s a visual aid which you can see. You can also stick them on your bedroom wall and revise from it. Don’t forget, it will make your room look much more interesting.

4) Talking to someone/ reading aloud – You will always remember a conversation with someone, or bits from it because you are hearing what is being said. I do this technique as you are connecting points together but you are also hearing it as well. The amount of times I have read aloud to myself for an exam is beyond this world and it really does help!

5) Exam papers?- the good and old classic. Exam papers are such a good aid for revision as it provides you the type of style the examiner will represent questions. It will help you to get a clear understanding of the structures and the sort of questions given.

6) Repetition? – Going over the same thing will help you remember it in the long term. It has been scientifically proven as well.

I hope this helps and good luck everyone
Simran 

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