The Woman in Black

One of my favourite aspects of Leicester is that, it’s very cultural when it comes to its people. Everywhere you look and turn, there is culture and passion, from cafés to theatres. Within Leicester, there is culture within ourselves and we surround ourselves in it everyday.
Recently I went to see The Woman in Black at the Curve theatre in Leicester. I have to admit that this was the first time I went to the Curve. When I laid my eyes upon on the building, you would not expect to see that in Leicester. The building was curvy hence why it’s called the Curve theatre. The building was very modern looking and I was very impressed.
I believe that majority of people have watched The Woman in Black with Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter). This gave me that basic idea of what the show will be about and what will be expected. The movie and the theatre production are based on Susan Hill’s novel. I have not read the novel yet but, I will come around to it.
Let me say this, this production was beautiful even though it is a thriller. This production had me jumping out of my seat. As I was watching the actors, I felt the passion from them ; their acting was phenomenon. The Woman in Black was a mixture of emotions where you will be laughing one minute and then screaming the next. They certainly deserve a round of applause.
Every single scene was breath taking and different. There was one scene where a chair was rocking in an empty room. There was no one else in the room, just furniture. This scene gave you chills down your spine. There was another scene where Arthur Kipps heard the awful screams of the terrible death of the Woman in Black’s child. This scene was unexpected and when you heard the screams, your heart stopped.
I could not fault this production as it was amazing. I would highly recommend everyone to watch this production as it will take your breath away.
Take Care, Simran

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