Open days: what to expect

The big day is here, the arrival of an open day. I am sure that most university students remember their open day and the adrenaline rush when walking around the campus. The same feelings would come to prospective students but, also with excitement and nerves. This post is inspired by Lois with her brilliant work about Open Days: What to ask. As a result, I’m going to share my experience of open days.

• Don’t be afraid to ask questions about studying at university or being a university student

Personally, I love sharing my experience as a university student and my first year memories. Honestly, for a university student reflecting back to first year is like going through a memory box because, you remember everything about it. Ask questions like do you live in Leicester? How often do you go back home? Do you cook for yourself?

• Ask lecturers or course ambassadors about the course

This is an excellent way to find out more about the course. Also, it will give an insight and feel about it. Always ask questions and have interactive conversations with lecturers or course ambassadors as it is better than, reading it online. You’re able to ask personal questions like how many hours are you in university for? Is the course more exam or coursework based? What are the modules like?

• Walk around the campus/ accommodation in the boots of a university student

This will provide you first-hand experience of whether the university is right for you. I remember my first open day at University of Leicester. I will always remember seeing De Monfort Hall and falling in love with the building. When I heard that’s where I will be graduating from, I imagined myself throwing my mortar hat in the air on graduation. Every time I go past this building, it motivates and inspires me to carry on working hard.

De Monfort Hall

De Monfort Hall

Enjoy the experience

Indulge in every moment of it. Bring a pen and paper if you need to write down any important things. Take pictures of the campus and accommodation so, you can remind yourself what it looks like again. Even take a selfie with the campus.

Remember, that every university and prospective students is or was in the same boat as you. It may be frightening going to a university but, it’s not that bad. University will be the time of your life and you will always remember it.


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