Grenfell tower fires

It has been over a week since hearing the horrible news about the Grenfell Tower fire in North Kensington. The fire engulfed a 24-storey high tower block of public housing flats within a couple of hours. Unfortunately, the fire took many lives and injured over 50 people. Until this day, loved ones are seeking their missing families from the block.

Many questions have been asked, why did this fire happen? Why did it spread so fast? Where was the safety to prevent this from happening?

Investigators have confirmed that the fire was caused by a Hotpoint fridge freezer, but there was a failure in fire safety in the building. There were no water sprinklers in the block, nor in any tower blocks in the United Kingdom. After this event, many cities are fitting sprinklers in their blocks such as Nottingham and Southampton. The safety measure of sprinklers would slow down the rate of a fire spreading and save many lives.

Another fact that accelerated the speed of the fire was due to the combustible cladding. This material has been identified on 11 other buildings in the UK and a withdrawal of 600 claims. The opinions on the cladding is versatile as the victims felt cheated out from the government as limited fire safety was implanted. Also, there are fears of another fire happening in a different high-rise tower block.

I applaud all the volunteers who have helped to aid and support the victims. The selfless act of donating to the victims, as well as the time and effort to comfort those in need. I applaud the fire and police service too.

The Grenfell fire’s victims are in my thoughts and prayers.


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