Having problems sleeping?

Everybody knows that feeling of tossing and turning in your bed at night time where, you want to sleep but you can’t. Once you finally close your eyes and drift off into dreamland, your alarm goes off (not a great feeling). Everyone has their reasons for not sleeping at night, it might be down to stress from work, the worries of completing or starting a dissertation, family issues, money issues etc.

Recently my dreamland had a giant thunderstorm in it due to dissertation season approaching very soon in September. One day I thought to pop into a Lush store and look for some products to help me to sleep. The Lush store I visited was a cute and small store with very friendly staff located on South Molton Street, London. I picked up a few things with the same/similar scent to help me to sleep at night.

The first wonderful product I used was the “Twilight” bath bomb for a lovely, relaxing, and colourful bath. It is a peaceful one to use before you go to bed as it contains lavender and tonka absolute. Lavender is good for relaxing the body and mind whilst tonka gives a sweet and comforting feeling.

Twilight Bathbomb

I also used “A french kiss” bubble bar alongside the Twilight bath bomb as, it is packed with lavender but also it creates bubbles!! If you’re not a bath person, there is a lavender soap called “Serendipity” with chamomile blue oil to soothe and calm you.

A French Kiss bubble bar

After indulging in the bath, I used “Sleepy” body lotion which contains oatmeal infusion, three different types of lavender and tonka. The product smells exactly like Twilight bath bomb with the sweet and floral smell. The oatmeal infusion is very soothing on the skin and good for sensitive skin. I was already floating away to my dreamland after having a relaxing bath and using the lotion. However, the story does not end there, to top everything off I used “Twilight body spray”. Once again, it has the same smell as the bath bomb and Sleepy. I used the spray in my room and on my bed sheets as it is the final jigsaw puzzle to floating off to dreamland.

Twilight body spray

Let me say this, I did sleep like a baby and going to continue with this routine once I get back to university.

Hope this works for you guys and let me know how it goes.
Simran 😊

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