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I remember when I was 18 years old, I was writing my university personal statement and indeed, it was a stressful period of time. There were high expectations to create a “perfect” personal statement as you’re trying to sell yourself to a university.

Here are my top tips to write a personal statement:

Make it personal– A personal statement is an unique document to each individual. Each personal statement is self created and have different writing styles. This is a great way for the reader to understand who you are and have a great sense of you.

Proofreading– Get a friend, teacher, parent etc. to read over your personal statement. This will allow them to see what the university will vision based on this one piece of paper. In doing so, they would highlight any mistakes that you have made, which essentially could have cost you the place at university. When I was writing my personal statement, I had my geography teacher read over it many times but also had the help in restructuring the paragraphs in a way that the text was flowing smoothly.

Involve any proud moments– Universities love seeing your achievements as you could be their potential student. This can be volunteering experience, raising money for charity, extra curricular activities etc. Be proud of what you have done and don’t be afraid to share that with the world.

Involve any activities or experience related to your degree– Don’t be afraid to tell the university about achievements related to your degree. It is a fabulous way to show universities about your passion and why it makes you a suitable student for their university.

I hope this helps everyone who is writing their personal statementsl. Let me know how it goes.


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