Third year: less than a year until I graduate!

It’s only the second week of first semester and I can already tell a difference from second to third year. The first difference is the intensity of work compared to second year, everyone is already stressed with deadlines and work loads. As my dissertation is due in January, every moment counts and I can’t waste my time (not that I’ve stopped getting takeaway and watching TV for hours).

A second difference is moving houses. I used to live by myself in second year but now, I live with six others. I can say it was a good choice because when I walk through the front door there are always people at home. It has that strange feeling of being a part of a really close family with 6 people you’ve only known for two years.

Thirdly, a change of people you’re surrounded by. As I am in my last year, some of my closet friends have gone aboard for a year or some have graduated. It’s weird to think that so much has changed since second year which leads me to my fourth and final change…

There is a sudden, very present sinking feeling at the bottom of my stomach and pressure about what to do with my future. The year is already going by so quickly and it is genuinely scary thinking about possibly leaving education permanently. I’m just grateful I have my friends to keep me grounded and the Universities amazing careers service.


Simran 🙂

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Hello everyone. My name is Simran and I am a third Geography student. I will be blogging about my adventures as a university student, from flying off to Colombia to staying in a Leicester student house.

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