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You’re off to University! This is a super exciting time for everyone, getting prepped and ready is one of the things I found most enjoying in the months up to enrolment day… This post will be all about getting physically and mentally ready for that move in day!


A List of What to Pack


Comfy Pyjamas/Slippers/Dressing Gown

Fancy Dress- An Animal, School Uniform and Some facepaint should carry you through Freshers just fine!


Towels- At Least Two

Vanity Mirror

Bedding/Throw Pillows/ Blankets

Mattress Topper

Pots and Pans/ Cooking Utensils


Kitchen Timer

Tea Towels/ Oven Gloves

Tupperware- For Making Packed Lunches

Extension Lead

Door Stop

Storage Boxes

Phone/Laptop/Printer and Necessary Chargers and Wires


Photos/Decorations for Bedroom/Posters


DONT BRING- Toaster/Toastie Maker/Slow Cooker etc. These are great things to buy as a flat which makes the cost super low!



Have a look at where your accommodation is, decide on how you are going to be travelling around your new home city. You may need to look at bike routes and bike shed availability. Buses are also a great way to get around especially in Leicester. It’s a good idea to buy a bus pass before starting so you can travel as soon as you get there!


Make Friends

A great way to make friends before coming to University is to join a Facebook group, join ours here . There are also lots of group chats to join to find out who you may be on a course with etc.


Freshers Week

Freshers here runs for two weeks starting on the 23rd September. It is a great idea to have a look at the Freshers events before getting to University to plan ahead, be flexible though once you get here you may change your mind.

You can see the list of events here. Please be aware when buying wristbands that you are buying them from the correct site in order to not be scanned.


Work out your Finances

Work out how much maintenance loan you are going to be receiving and how long it needs to last you. Making sure you know your weekly budget in advance can be vital in making sure you don’t run out of money! I would suggest opening up a student bank account which offer interest free overdrafts, luckily I haven’t had to use mine but it can be nice to know you have emergency money if necessary.

It may also be a good idea to look at part time jobs in order to subsidise your maintenance loan.

One last thing for finances is to have a look on the University website to see if you qualify for any grants or subsidies.



The best advice here is- If you are unsure, print it anyway. Print out all your UCAS paperwork, accommodation paperwork, student bank account paperwork and offer paperwork. Make sure you have registered your university email address and my student record account. The best thing to do is to buy a cheap folder and stick it all in there so you know it’s all in one place.



Whilst most university accommodation will have basic insurance it is best to have a look and see if you might need to purchase some more comprehensive insurance. I had to pay to insurance my laptop as it was brand new, but if you are bringing a TV, games console, musical instrument, sports equipment etc it might be better to upgrade yourself.


TV License

Double check if you need a TV License, if you have a TV you will need one. Or if you want to watch BBC Iplayer you will need one. However for watching Netflix, 4oD etc, if are not watching any live TV you do not need a TV license. Another thing to note is that you may be covered on your parent’s TV license, which allows you to watch BBC Iplayer, and all all streaming websites along with live programmes as long as the device IS NOT PLUGGED IN… so as long as your phone or laptop has charge you are fine. Please however do not take this information as gospel, and always do your own research on the website which is here.


Enjoy this time!

You might not ever get this period of time ever again, I loved going around IKEA and B&M etc to buy completely unnecessary  items. It’s super fun and exciting and it really is something you should enjoy and not stress about!

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