Handing in my dissertation

Handing in my dissertation

It’s over.  After 6 months of collecting data, analysing the data, and writing it up. I am so happy it is done. I am very glad to say goodbye to it but, sad to leave it behind. When you work so hard on something, you grow attached it to. My dissertation was based on trees […]

Dissertation stress- how to deal with it?

Writing up a dissertation is an overwhelming experience in a university career. I know some courses offer it as an optional module but, this was not the case for me. Personally, it was a roller coaster because there were the high moments and low moments. I had good and bad days where one day I […]

Dissertation idea

The whole idea of writing a dissertation based on your own research scares me. Shall I say, it used to scare me. I am fresh out of the dissertation ocean and I am here to enlighten you what my dissertation was about. My dissertation was creating a master chronology based on oak trees in Perivale […]

My Final Degree Result

My Final Degree Result

Ive just had my final results! Its still sinking in that Uni is all over, but I don’t want it to end! Looking back on this year, I’ve actually achieved so much more than I realised… this year I: Got my first ever part-time job, working in the Student’s Union and becoming poster girl for […]

Me about to hand in my final dissertation to the General Office!

Finishing my dissertation!

The past few weeks have been very intense – due to finishing my dissertation! The Geography dissertation deadline is much earlier than for other subjects, which I think actually works out better for us because then we have the rest of the year to focus on our exams. We still get the same amount of time to […]


7 reasons Leicester should plant more trees

As I’m working on my dissertation, I’ve been discovering more and more reasons why Leicester should plant more trees, and they are all reasons which apply to all cities. So without futher ado, here are the reasons why! Carbon sequestration and storage As you will remember from school, as trees grow, they take carbon dioxide from […]

EAS outside Just Fair Trade, who were very welcoming!

Insight into third year – the busiest of them all

I’m just over 3 weeks in to my third year at Leicester, and life is exactly what people said it would be – busy! It seems that the extra workload from my course, coupled with my desire to experience everything I have ever wanted to try society-wise, has meant my timetable is jampacked! I’m sure this is […]

Beginning my dissertation fieldwork

Beginning my dissertation fieldwork

This week I have been focused on one very important summer task – my dissertation fieldwork! As you may have read in my previous blog post, for my dissertation I am measuring the carbon content of various tree stands, which means lots of hours in the park! Collecting the data has been slightly more difficult […]

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