Revision Techniques

Two words: Exam season. As we adventure back into our normal university routine, the first couple of weeks are exams. Good luck everyone! I found it so difficult to revise at home with all the food and Christmas movies on. I literally spent a whole day watching Disney films with my sister in law. However, […]

My slightly overgrown but lovely garden last year

3 Benefits of exam time at Leicester

We all know the exam period is far from the most enjoyable time of the year, and most students struggle in some way or another. I certainly find it a stressful time!  But instead of focusing on the negatives, in this post I want to look on the bright side and present the benefits of exam […]

5 things to do post-exams as a Leicester Geography student

Since exams are officially finished on the 6th of June, many of us will be looking for things do to in the weeks before heading home! In no particular order here’s my top list of things to do post-exam in Leicester. 1. Head to Shabang or LetsDisko What better way to celebrate and have fun with all […]

Freedom – or not

Freedom: I moved back to Uni this week and have enjoyed a great sense of freedom and control that I have found comes with living alone. At home there are multiple distractions and temptations that sway me from my intended routine – like TiVo,  Hula Hoops, our piano and the ladybirds that decided to hibernate […]

Exam advice for Geographers

Exams are only a few weeks away  so here are a few tips from my own experience to succeeding in geography exams. I don’t know how different geography exams are to other subjects, however some aspects of this post may be beneficial to those studying other degrees. If you are like me, a person who […]

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