De Monfort Hall

Open days: what to expect

The big day is here, the arrival of an open day. I am sure that most university students remember their open day and the adrenaline rush when walking around the campus. The same feelings would come to prospective students but, also with excitement and nerves. This post is inspired by Lois with her brilliant work […]

Power of women

Millions of women across the world joined together to form the Women’s march on 21st January 2017. This march was about the protection of women’s rights, safety, health, and families. This occurred in Washington D.C however, many other cities joined with them such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, New Mexico city etc. There were sister marches […]

My Final Degree Result

My Final Degree Result

Ive just had my final results! Its still sinking in that Uni is all over, but I don’t want it to end! Looking back on this year, I’ve actually achieved so much more than I realised… this year I: Got my first ever part-time job, working in the Student’s Union and becoming poster girl for […]


My last exam!

Yesterday I had my last exam… which now means uni is officially over :'( Have to say I’m so relieved its finally over but also sad – not sure what my goal in life will be from now on though! It’s been so unbelievably nice to relax over the past 24 hours after such a tough […]

Frosty morning in Vicky Park

5 Things I still want to in Leicester

The end of my time at university is dawning and it’s both sad and terrifying! My plan for next year is to continue living in Leicester, as Leicester has really become my home over the past few years. Many of my friends are returning from their years abroad and many of those I have met […]

An hour with the voice of nature himself – the Sir David Attenborough lecture!

On Thursday 28th of January, the university had a wonderful visit from Sir David Attenborough, the voice of nature himself! The family has a long history with the uni and it was great to have him back. The event was a lecture by him in De Monfort Hall – the free tickets to which were […]

New year resolutions of a Leicester uni student

Happy New Year! In this post I thought I would share with you my resolutions for the year 2016, as customary. Most people are dismissive of New Year’s resolutions, because most of us never commit to making the intended change. However, I still see them as a wonderful opportunity not only to make a fresh […]

We all gathered in Victoria Park from 11:30 to leave at 12. There was a wonderful atmosphere - socialising, painting our faces, seeing the wonderful banners people had made. Here were a couple of ours - and my UoL heart complete!

The Leicester Climate March

This weekend has been critical in terms of getting world leaders to take notice that people want real action on climate change. The COP21 climate talks are starting tomorrow in Paris, and negotiations will be under way, to set emission reduction targets etc. Its been especially important for marches in cities across the world due […]

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