Using Edges – The Green Festival of Making and Mending

Using Edges – The Green Festival of Making and Mending

This week has been a week of awakening for me, all because of my geography lectures. As part of the Contemporary Environmental Challenges module, on Monday we had a guest lecture and seminar from Transition Leicester, an organisation with a goal to help the local people of Leicester to transition to a more resilient economy and society, […]

EAS outside Just Fair Trade, who were very welcoming!

Insight into third year – the busiest of them all

I’m just over 3 weeks in to my third year at Leicester, and life is exactly what people said it would be – busy! It seems that the extra workload from my course, coupled with my desire to experience everything I have ever wanted to try society-wise, has meant my timetable is jampacked! I’m sure this is […]

5 things to do post-exams as a Leicester Geography student

Since exams are officially finished on the 6th of June, many of us will be looking for things do to in the weeks before heading home! In no particular order here’s my top list of things to do post-exam in Leicester. 1. Head to Shabang or LetsDisko What better way to celebrate and have fun with all […]

Why I’m excited for the next few weeks!

Exams are finished! Or should I say exam – this term mostly comprised of coursework! Whilst it is a relief there is still much to do! Check out my post about things to do post-exam as a geography student. For me specifically however, I am very excited for the weeks ahead before going home later […]

Freedom – or not

Freedom: I moved back to Uni this week and have enjoyed a great sense of freedom and control that I have found comes with living alone. At home there are multiple distractions and temptations that sway me from my intended routine – like TiVo,  Hula Hoops, our piano and the ladybirds that decided to hibernate […]

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