‘We’re at the top of the world, you and I.’

9am lectures, as I have mentioned before, are one of the most evil things on god’s green Earth. So, when I got my timetable through for this semester, I was not impressed to see I had three of them pretty much in a row, one of which was on a Monday.

That aside, I pootled into uni on Monday, my first day back after exams. I managed to turn up at about half 8 as I apparently slightly misjudged how fast I walk. I was walking around campus, appreciating the silence, and I then remembered I still had my camera with a panorama setting in my bag from an evening out from the previous week.
So I took a picture for you.

Taken from the steps of the Charles Wilson building in the middle of campus.

If you’ve only been to Leicester for a UCAS visit day or an open day, I doubt you will have ever seen the campus as quiet as you will do before your first 9am lecture. It’s odd that the place where all our social and educational lives are based can be so serene for this short time each day (especially now, as a large chunk of the building work has finished, so there’s markedly less drilling going on this early).

Feeling more poetic and less exhausted, I went to find the room for my first lecture of the semester, Industrial Rocks and Minerals, which was located in the Charles Wilson building. It turns out that the room I was in was on the 8th floor.
This is the sight that greeted me.

The Percy Gee students union on the left, and the George Porter building on the right. Sadly, it's not visible on this picture, but you could see all the way across Leicester to the hills in the North West of Leicestershire.

It’s almost worth getting up for 9am for a view like that.
That is, until your lecturer arrives and shuts the curtains.

Oh well.

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