Everyone loves pirates. Skulls and crossbones, parrots, wooden legs , rum and ‘Harr, Harr, me hearty’s’. So when I heard that Alestorm were playing in the Students Union last night I couldn’t help but go. In full pirate regalia, naturally.

Anyway, Alestorm was pretty good, even if the keytair did need retuning half way through.  If you get the chance to go and see them, it’ll be a laugh. If you want to survive without bruises I would advise avoiding the mosh pit!

The main down point of the night was the disparaging remarks about Vikings, which is why I think Turisas is better. Olli Vanska in Turisas is also amazing on the violin!:)


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6 responses to “Alestorm”

  1. Tom

    I’ve just blogged about Alestorm too! Only a week later than you though Finn…
    Was a great night!!

    1. Zoe

      I was also at Alestorm too! Glad to hear you guys enjoyed it. Definitely wishing I went in full pirate out fit though. . .

  2. Lilian

    Ooh I really wanted to go see Alestorm ! Mind you I definitely would have steered clear of the mosh pit, I’m like 5ft nothing, it would be like trying ju jitsu all over again; some big six foot guy would step into my vicinity and I’d scream an run for it :s

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