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Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog! I hope you all find it very useful. Please leave me lots of comments and questions. I want to hear from you guys.
I have just received my marks for the 1st semester after being in a panic all week. The notice board is always put out the day before we get our results. Its presence is ominous; no one will walk within a meter of it, for fear of jinxing their results. I have managed to scrape a 1st as an average for my modules last semester. I did very well in Hydrocarbon Geophysics as I am supposed to as a Geophysicist, but could have done better in other subjects. There is always room for improvement. Exams are very important, even in the first year. A lot of people take the first year as an excuse to take it easy since your marks do not count towards your final grade. I don’t agree with this. You should always put some effort in. When you are looking for work experience in the summer and you get asked about your module marks at an interview, what do you say, “Oh, I didn’t think they were important…”?
I also found out today that I have been accepted to go on the year abroad scheme. This is an opportunity to study the 3rd year in either Arizona or New Zealand. I will be going to Arizona. It is an awesome opportunity to see some spectacular geology and get a fabulous tan in the process. I am so excited! It will be difficult to spend a year away from my friends and family, but I know I will enjoy it and that the experience will make me a much stronger person as a result. Over the next few weeks I will be start looking at things like which modules I want to study and where I should live. It is all very daunting, but I know it will do me good. (I hope so anyway…)
So, as the weekend begins I have a lot to celebrate! Doing well in my exams and being given the chance to study abroad, as well as the fact that it is my birthday tomorrow! How better to celebrate than watching ‘The Woman In Black’ and scaring myself silly?

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