Today I thought I would talk about Practical Folders, since they have been keeping me so busy lately. In the department, no matter what Geology degree you choose, you will be required to complete and submit practical folders for certain modules. Are you familiar with coursework? Well this is the university equivalent. I’m not trying to complain or scare anyone; practical folders are actually very easy to cope with as long as you manage your time wisely.
A practical will be started in class where the lecturers and demonstrators are there to help you. Normally, to complete the practical to a high standard additional time is necessary. It isn’t even as bad as I am making it sound, normally 10-30 minutes is needed to finish off and tweak a practical. This isn’t so bad really, is it? It can get bad though, if you decide to leave it until next week and then the week after that… You will be left with A LOT of work to do in the last week of term. You can’t usually finish practicals at home as hand specimens or microscopes are needed. Speaking from experience, I know when work is left untouched for a long time that you tend to forget what it was about and how to finish it.
So, my advice to anyone is to make sure that they finish they’re practicals as soon as possible and keep them all neat and tidy in a folder so that they are easily accessible for revision and ready to hand in. Don’t get buried in rock specimens and microscope work like I do on a regular basis. Be wise and finish your work during a break in lectures so the majority of your free time can be spent at your leisure.

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